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Uber or Lyft Accident Settlement in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“What compensation can I expect?” is one of the most popular and important questions our clients ask us.

The answer is, it depends on many factors. In calculating the settlement amount, the most important things to consider are: a) your medical bills, b) the role you, the victim, played in the accident, and c) the policy limits of the drivers involved.

If you got injured in an accident involving Uber or Lyft driver and want to know what is a fair settlement to expect, call us at 702-432-1000 and ask to speak with an Uber accident attorney.

Settlement: Medical Bills

Because of the high cost of medical care in the United States, compensation for medical bills is, as a rule, the largest part of any accident settlement. This is true not only about the accidents involving Uber or Lyft drivers, but also about any car accident, pizza delivery accident, or semi-truck accident.

For most insurance companies, high medical bills are one of the ways to determine the harm to the victim and are directly connected to the amount the victim is entitled to for pain and sufferings. And, if the lawsuit will go to trial, these past (and future) high medical bills will make a jury more sympathetic to award a larger recovery.

Settlement: Role of the Victim

A unique aspect to consider for Uber, Lyft and other ride sharing car accidents is the role the victim played in an accident. Special damages that are true for drivers, may not apply to a passenger or pedestrian. In addition, detailed statistics that Uber and Lyft collect about every ride can be used to determine the fault.

Driver Settlement. Injuries that cause pain while driving, can end a driver’s career. Anxiety or fear of another collision can be just as detrimental to a driver as pain while driving. And then, there are lost wages. Ride-sharing companies, like Uber and Lyft, calculate a driver’s monthly wage based on their ride history and that ride history can be used as a guidepost for how much they should receive for their lost wages.

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Rider Settlement. In case of an accident, the passengers in Uber, Lyft and any other ride sharing company car are almost always negligent free. This allows passengers to collect 100% of their damages from either party in an accident – even if that party is only partially responsible. Simply speaking, Uber and Lyft passengers always win in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Pedestrian Settlement. If a pedestrian is involved in an accident, their settlement is also based of their medical bills, pain and suffering, the lost wages, and other damages (e.g., property).

Settlement: Policy Limits

All insurance policies have limits on how much the insurance must pay. With very rare exceptions, an insurance company will not pay over the policy limit of their contract.

Policy limits for Uber and Lyft can change based on who is in the vehicle.

When a ride sharing driver is in route to pick up a fare or has a passenger in the car, then their insurance has a policy limit that is high (in Nevada, it is one million for Uber and one and a half million for Lyft).

But, if the same driver, working for Uber and Lyft (app is on) is not in route to pick up or drop off a passenger, then the policy limit drops dramatically to 50/100. This means a victim cannot receive more than 50 thousand dollars in compensation. And, if there is a group of injured people then the group recovery combined cannot exceed 100 thousand dollars.

Uber and Lyft have detailed records of when a driver is on a way to pick up or drop off a passenger and both companies use these records in calculating the settlement amount.

Modified Comparative Negligence

Nevada is a Modified Comparative Negligence state and it applies to Uber, Lyft, or any other ride-sharing company accidents. In plain language, Nevada allows recovery for victims that are less than 50% responsible for their injuries and a victim’s recovery is reduced based on the percentage of fault that they are found to have in the accident. If you believe that your accident case falls into this category or need more information, call us at 702-432-1000.

Where Do Uber and Lyft Accidents Go to Trial?

To answer this question, we must look at the jurisdiction in which the accident took place. If the accident occurred in Las Vegas, most likely the jurisdiction in which the case will be heard will be a Las Vegas court.

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Out-of-State Visitors Involved

People, vacationing in Las Vegas, use Uber and Lyft a lot, mostly, because of the convenience. In case of an accident, the injured person will continue to receive medical treatment in their home city and state. Although the prices for medical care vary from state to state, if the price for your medical treatment is normal in your city and state - the insurance company will recognize it.

We handle Uber or Lyft accident claims for out-of-town visitors all the time. Often, our clients don't have to fly back to Las Vegas. We collect medical receipts and track the progress of the case, from inception to settlement, from our office in Las Vegas, and, when the case is settled, we mail the settlement check to our clients. We don't take all cases, but for the cases we take, we can assure you, all are properly handled, and this is why our clients are happy with the results.

When Foreigners Involved

If the victim of an Uber or Lyft car accident is a foreign national, the case may not be so straight forward. If the victim of an accident ends up in a Las Vegas hospital and, consequently, treated for injuries in the US, then the claim will be calculated based on the hospital bills in the US. To get compensated for medical treatment in another country might be difficult, mostly, because the medical industry in other countries works differently compared to the US, and the cost of medical care is different too.

We Can Help

We helped dozens of clients to get a fair settlement in accidents involving Uber or Lyft drivers.

We work on contingency basis, which means to you – you don’t have to pay us, unless your case is settled or you received the monetary compensation at the trial.

We serve clients who got injured in Uber and Lyft accidents in Nevada and California.

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Last updated on January 3, 2018.

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