Partial List of Recent Case Result

Criminal Defense Cases

Battery Domestic Violence 2X / Both Cases Dismissed Client was an elderly gentleman living in North Las Vegas. A verbal argument led the neighbors to call the police. The client had left before the police arrived, so he did not say his side of the story. While this case was ongoing the client picked up another battery domestic violence against the same person. We successfully consolidated the cases to be heard on the same day. On the eve of trial both cases were dismissed.
Soliciting Prostitution / Dismissed Client lived in the Midwest and occasionally visited Las Vegas. After a night of heavy drinking she engaged in a conversation with a person she believed was a tourist, like herself, looking for a unique experience in Las Vegas. That person turned out to be an undercover police officer who took her words out of context and arrested her. Case was dismissed without the client having to come back to Las Vegas to face trial.
DUI / Negotiated to Reckless Driving Client was arrested for swerving in his lane and speeding. Client admitted to the officer that he had been drinking. The case was negotiated to a Reckless Driving.
Battery / Dismissed Client worked as a security guard in Tennessee. After a heavy night of drinking on the Las Vegas Strip, he engaged in a barroom brawl with another patron and security. Video evidence was available and unfavorable to our client. Client never entered a guilty plea.
Soliciting Prostitution / Dismissed Client was a student trying to raise money for her tuition by giving paid massages to tourists. She was arrested by an undercover officer who was wearing a body camera. Even though the client had a prior conviction, we were still able to get a dismissal.
Battery Domestic Violence / Dismissed The client was a French citizen living in Texas. She was charged for slapping her boyfriend after she caught him with another woman at Las Vegas nightclub. The case was dismissed without her coming back to Las Vegas and no immigration issues.
Ecstasy Possession / Reduced to Misdemeanor and Then Dismissed New York client caught with molly capsules at his table in a Las Vegas nightclub. Client never stepped foot in a courtroom.
Cocaine Possession / Reduced to Misdemeanor and Then Dismissed San Jose area client caught with cocaine in the restroom of a Las Vegas pool club party. Client never stepped foot in a courtroom.
Drug Trafficking (Pills & Cocaine) / Reduced to Obscure Misdemeanor Client dropped a baggie of pills in front of a security guard at EDC Rave.
Soliciting Prostitution / Dismissed Southern California resident with Sheriff’s Card (Work Card) for dancers. Caught with multiple undercover officers in a Las Vegas hotel. Client never stepped foot in a courtroom.
Arrest Warrant for Hit and Run / Resolved with a Misdemeanor Client never stepped foot in a courtroom or a jail cell.
Battery Domestic Violence / Dismissed Resident of Great Britain. Client never stepped foot in a courtroom and had his full bail promptly refunded to him overseas.
Soliciting Prostitution in Warrant / Dismissed Out-of-State client with a residence in Nevada. Caught with an undercover officer on the Las Vegas Strip. Client never stepped foot in a courtroom.

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Personal Injury Cases

Motor Vehicle Accident / Maximum compensation A family was rear-ended in a horrific accident by a government vehicle. We successfully negotiated the case without having to file a lawsuit. The settlement was nearly three times the medical bills and the settlement was within 9 months of the accident. Client never had to go to court or make a statement.
Motor Vehicle Accident / Double the medical bills. Client traveled for a living. Settled for nearly double the medical bills within 3 months of the accident. Client never had to go to court or make a statement
Multi-Vehicle Accident / $100,000 Damage to our client's vehicle was paid within 3 weeks of hiring our office. Our office was able to establish liability without the police arriving on the scene.
Multi-Vehicle Accident / T-bone collision / $100,000 The client was traveling down a major street when a truck jumped out from a smaller street. He was injured plus the vehicle was seriously damaged. All medical expenses were paid and the vehicle was fully repaired.
Multi-Vehicle Accident / $50,000 Accident occurred at a shopping center involving a large truck. Our client was a passenger when the truck backed into the vehicle. All medical expenses were paid in full.
Multi-Vehicle Accident / 6 Figure Policy Limit Proved to the insurance company that the case was worth high value without the client getting a back surgery.
Freeway Rear End Collision / 6 Figure Policy Limit Convinced the insurance company that there was a high risk of a bad faith claim unless they paid my client the money she deserved.
Rear End Collision / Maximum Possible Under Insurance Policy Made the insurance company realize the potential future damages could put them at risk of an excess verdict for my client.
T-Bone Collision / Maximum Possible Under Insurance Policy Sympathetic passenger client with low medical bills but high emotional distress caused by the accident.
Rear End Collision / Maximum Possible Under Insurance Policy Deserving client with prior medical injuries. Initially the insurance company did not want to pay anything.
Multi-vehicle Accident / Maximum Possible Under Insurance Policy Passenger client with medical treatment that greatly improved her quality of life.
Rear End Collision / Maximum Possible Under Insurance Policy Hardworking client with low medical bills. Convinced the insurance company that they would lose if they took it to trial. Case settled before a lawsuit was filed.

Not So Fine Print:

Keep in mind:

  • Not all of our results can be published here. Many defendants demand that settlements be kept confidential as a condition of settlement.
  • This is only a partial list of recently closed cases by Heshmati & Associates in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • Prior results described here do not guarantee a similar outcome.

While no attorney can promise you that there won’t be penalties we can promise that we will do everything in our power to protect your rights and we will provide the best legal representation that money can buy in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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