Traffic Tickets Violations - Las Vegas, Nevada

Traffic Ticket Attorney Explains

Traffic Tickets Violations - Las Vegas, Nevada.

We are getting many e-mails from our clients with all kinds of questions about moving violations, traffic tickets or where to pay for traffic tickets in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In this article you will find answers to many of your questions.

Definition of a Traffic Ticket

A traffic ticket in Nevada is any citation that relates to a motor vehicle that is less than a Reckless Driving.

Nevada traffic tickets can be split into two categories:

  • Moving violations
  • Non-moving violations

Moving Violations

A moving violation traffic ticket is usually issued for failing to obey a law that has to do with operating the vehicle.

Common traffic tickets that are moving violations include:

  1. Speeding
  2. Failure to obey a traffic control device (aka, running a red light or stop sign)
  3. Failure to use due care
  4. Failure to yield to a pedestrian
  5. Failure to signal

Traffic tickets that are moving violations can put demerit points on your license. These demerit points can raise your insurance payments and can even result in your license being suspended.

Although every case is unique, a traffic ticket attorney usually can drop the demerit points so you can keep your license and keep your insurance low.

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Non-Moving Violations

A traffic ticket for a non-moving violation is usually issued for failing to have the proper documents or maintenance of a vehicle.

Common traffic tickets for non-moving violations include:

  1. No insurance
  2. Driving on a suspended driver’s license
  3. No registration
  4. Fix-it tickets (aka, broken headlamps, tail lights, bumpers)

Non-moving violations often carry very high fines. A good traffic ticket attorney can reduce or even dismiss these traffic tickets with proof that the reason for the citation has been fixed.

Even if you have not fixed the reason for getting the ticket, the traffic ticket attorney can get you extra time to fix it and, by doing that, will to save you money.

How to Pay the Traffic Ticket

Common ways for a person to pay a traffic ticket include:

  • Over-the-phone
  • In person, at the traffic ticket court counter
  • And over the Internet

Before you pay your citation it may be a good idea to contact one of our Las Vegas traffic ticket lawyers. Often fines and demerit points can be reduced or even dismissed.

Why Hire a Traffic Ticket Attorney

Many people hire a traffic ticket attorney to save them the time and hassle of going to court. In addition, you can save lots of money on your insurance and on many potential fines.

If you have questions or need more information, contact a traffc ticket attorney at Heshmati & Associates directly at 702-432-1000.

Initial consultation is always free.

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Speeding Tickets & Moving Violations

A speeding ticket is considered a moving violation. All moving violations carry points against your license. These points not only increase your insurance premiums but can eventually suspend your license.

Our traffic ticket attorney can successfully negotiate a moving violation, like a speeding ticket, to a non-moving violation, like a parking ticket. Added fines may be required.

Once the moving violation is amended to a non-moving violation, the points attached to the original charge disappear.

All tickets that our criminal defense attorney handles are for former and current clients and are usually free of charge.

Lawyers That Handle Traffic Tickets

A traffic ticket should never be more than an annoying inconvenience. But in the wrong hands your traffic ticket can end up costing you a fortune.

The attorney at Heshmati & Associates usually handle your traffic tickets right over the phone. This saves you time and money. Phone payments and over-the-phone consolations are also available.

Have more questions? Use contact form to schedule an appoitment or call at 702-432-1000.

Our office is in downtown Las Vegasat 515 S. 7th St. in a walking distance to all major court.

The attorneys at Heshmati & Associates represent clients in Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas, Summerlin South, Boulder City, Laughlin, Mesquite, Clark County and throughout the surrounding areas of Nevada.

Last updated on January 5, 2018.

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