Domestic Violence - After the Arrest

Charged with Domestic Battery: What Comes Next?

Domestic Violence - After the Arrest

Being charged with battery domestic violence (also called domestic battery) can be a very traumatic experience.

We get many calls and e-mails from people asking, "What happens after the arrest?" or "If I charged with domestic battery, what comes next?"

This article will provide answers to your questions.

After the Arrest

When Las Vegas police appear at a battery domestic violence call they must arrest one party. This means someone is going to jail.

Jail Time

Once arrested a person charged with battery domestic violence is required to stay in jail, a minimum, of at least 12 hours. This is considered a cool down period and is required by law.

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Posting a Bond or Seeing a Judge?

After the 12 hour hold the arrested person may now choose to post bond and be released or see the judge and ask to be released with no bond.

Posting a Bond

If the choice is to pay the bond, the arrested person may hire a bail bondsman to perform that service. The typical cost to a bail bondsman for this type of charge is $800.00 to $1,000.00.

Seeing a Judge - 48 Hour Hearing

If the choice is to see the judge, the arrested person must remain in custody for 48 hours. After the 48 hours the arrested person will appear in front of the judge and at that time may request to be released with no bond.

Typically persons charged with battery domestic violence are released at the 48 hour hearing and await the trial.


Trial is usually 2 to 3 months after the arrested person’s release.

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Heshmati & Associates:
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If you are facing criminal charges for domestic violence in Nevada, the attorneys at Heshmati & Associates can defend you and your rights.

Often domestic violence charges come with civil protective orders. The domestic violence attorney from Heshmati & Associates can represent you on all matters, civil and criminal. Whether you are accused of domestic violence, facing a restraining order or accused of violating a restraining order; whether you have a domestic violence case against a woman or a domestic violence case against a man, or if you are facing totally false allegations of domestic violence, attorneys Parviz Heshmati and Parish Heshmati can help you.

The law firm of Heshmati & Associates is based in Las Vegas, Nevada and successfully handled hundreds of domestic violence cases.

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Additional Resources: Police Department

Las Vegas Police, Domestic Violence Unit - The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Unit investigates domestic violence cases.

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