Immigration Bail Bonds - Las Vegas, Nevada

Immigration Bonds in Las Vegas

Immigration Bail Bonds - Las Vegas, Nevada.

If you or someone close to you has been arrested and detained for immigration reasons, the immigration bail bond will secure the release of that person from custody until their court appearance. The immigration bond involves aliens - people who are not citizens of the United States.

Aliens require immigration bonds under two circumstances:

a) When a warrant is issued for the alien's arrest for immigration violations (e.g., an individual who has overstayed his visa or green card.) the amount must be sufficient to ensure that the alien will appear for any future immigration proceedings.

b) When an alien is permitted to voluntary leave the United States after removal proceedings have taken place or are scheduled to take place. In this case, immigration judges may require that someone post a bond in an amount that will ensure that alien leaves he country within the time specified by the court order.

The first is called a delivery bond and second is called a voluntary departure bond.

Delivery Bond:
What You Need to Know

A delivery bond also allows a detainee to be free from custody as he/she petitions the court for a favorable immigration status and gives a time to consult an immigration lawyer regarding his/her unique situation. Delivery bonds are the most popular immigration bonds.

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Voluntary Departure Bond:
What You Need to Know

A voluntary departure bond requires that they voluntary leave the country at their own expense.

Are Bonds Refundable?

Yes. The immigration bond amount is refundable. The bond agent fee, which is in Nevada 15%, is not refundable.

Amount of Immigration Bond

A typical immigration delivery bond in Nevada is a minimum $1500.00. A typical voluntary departure bond is a minimum $500. However, in some circumstances bonds can be set over $10,000. The immigration magistrate assesses the detainer's criminal history, employment status and family ties in United States. This criteria is then used to decide the eligibility and the amount of the bond.

Who is Eligible?

Not everybody is eligible to be released on bond until the hearing. The alien must be eligible for bond under the Code of Federal Regulation 8 CFR 236.1, which deals with apprehension, custody and detention of aliens.

Methods of Posting Immigration Bonds

There are two methods of posting immigration bonds: cash bond or surety bond.

Cash Bonds for Immigration

A cash bond must be paid directly to the ICE and must be posted for the full amount of the bond in one of four forms: cash, money order, cashier;s check or U.S. bonds or notes. You don't need a bail agent's service to post a cash bond.

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Surety Bond for Immigration

To post a surety bond you need to use a bail bond agency. Surety bonds require collaterals (cash, real estate, car titles, marketable securities (stocks)) and paying agency fee. ICE does not endorse any one company over another. Any bail bond company can be used to issue a surety bond.

Keep in mind, some bail bond companies offer no collateral bail bonds.

Bail Bond No Collateral

The immigration bail bonds no collateral are set in place for individuals that may have a warrant out for their arrest and need to turn themselves in. The immigration bail bonds no collateral allow the individual to get out of jail much faster than if they were to use the collateral (house, saving, cars, etc..) However, aliens who use the immigration bail bonds no collateral, are still responsible for paying the bondsman fee, which depending on the state could be 15% - 20 %, and other expenses that bondsman encountered.

Getting a Bond Refund

When immigration bonds are canceled because they are no longer needed, the person who posted cash of the bond is notified by ICE that he can file for a refund of the principals plus any accrued interest.

If the bonded alien fails to appear when requested by the ICE, the bond is forfeited and ICE keeps the principal amount of bond. In that case, the co-signer still entitled to receive an payment of accrued interest.

Who Can Post an Immigration Bond?

Anyone can post an immigration bond, including the alien.

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