Solicitation of Prostitution:
How the Law is Enforced in Las Vegas

Solicitation Charge in Las Vegas

Solicitation of Prostitution in Las Vegas, Nevada.

If you got arrested for solicitation of prostitution in Las Vegas, you need to hire a local criminal defense attorney who can protect your rights.

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Where People Get Arrested for Solicitation of Prostitution

Allegations of solicitation of prostitution in Las Vegas and throughout Nevada often arise through sting operations. These operations are conducted by Las Vegas Metro Police and typically target Las Vegas hotels, casinos, adult entertainment clubs, escort services, massage parlors and other adult establishments.

Solicitation of Prostitution: Penalties and NRS Rules

Solicitation of prostitution in a crime in Las Vegas. Charges for solicitation of prostitution may result in jail sentences, fines, public embarrassment and a tarnished criminal record.

The Nevada Revised Statutes NRS 201.354 explains the laws of prostitution and solicitation of prostitution in Las Vegas and the rest of Nevada.

Soliciting a prostitute is a misdemeanor offense.

What Happens After Arrest

The majority of cases our law firm handles involves solicitation of prostitution arrests in Las Vegas hotels and casinos and often involves out-of-state visitors or visitors from other countries.

Police Stop. Solicitation of prostitution charges may begin with a stop by hotel security. Hotel security guards do not have the power to issue citations for soliciting of prostitution. But, if they suspect soliciting is occurring, then they do have the power to hold you until Las Vegas Metropolitan police arrive.

After a brief review of the situation, the police may decide soliciting was indeed occurring and issue a citation or make an arrest. In some Las Vegas hotels, police may also stand guard much like security. However, they have powers to arrest and issue citations, which, in most situations, hotel security cannot do.

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Spending a Night in Jail. If you were stopped on or near the Las Vegas Strip, and the police decide to arrest you for soliciting a prostitute, they will take you to the local jail. It could be CCDC (Clark County Detention Center) that is located in downtown Las Vegas. If the jail is experiencing overflow, then you may be moved to the City of Las Vegas jail.

Typically, for a soliciting of prostitute charges, you can expect to spend a night in jail before being released. Nonviolent offenders are often released sooner than offenders of violent crimes. Soliciting of prostitution is considered a nonviolent offense.

Posting Bail. Family members and close friends are often in a hurry to get their travel companions released as soon as possible. This is especially true for people visiting from out of town.

The truth is, because prostitution is a nonviolent offense, the offender is usually released relatively quickly, even if bail is not posted. This means that, in most instances, paying to bail bondsman to post bail may not make financial sense for a soliciting of prostitution charge.

Paper Work After Being Released. When a soliciting of prostitution defendant is released from jail, they will be given the paperwork related to the charge. That paperwork states: a) the court date for the first court appearance and b) the charges they can expect to face.

The court date is subject to change and you may or may not be notified of the change. And, if you do not appear to the court date, the judge will issue a Bench Warrant for your arrest, which will stay on your record indefinitely or until you appear in court. So, you cannot just ignore the charge.

If you are a tourist, vacationing in Las Vegas, you either have to cancel your flight back home and stay in the hotel until the matter is resolved, or you need to hire a good criminal defense attorney who can represent you in court.

In Nevada, the attorney can waive your presence during the hearing for solicitation of prostitution charge.

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The Implication of Having a Solicitation of Prostitution Charge on Your Record

A solicitation of prostitution charge can be an embarrassing mark on your criminal history. If your employer runs a routine background check, this charge will appear.

Even though, a soliciting of prostitution charge is a misdemeanor offense, it can create many problems for you when you are looking for work, applying to college, trying to rent an apartment, seeking any financial aid or need to get a mortgage to buy a house.

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Out-Of-State Visitors

Many clients ask us, "I don’t live in Nevada. I live in a different state. Will my employer find out about my solicitation of prostitution charge in Nevada?”

The answer is, yes. If your employer regularly runs a thorough background check, they will find out about your arrest. In fact, they may be able to see your entire citation history. So, yes, if you are a resident of New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts or any other state and your arrest took place in Nevada, you employer will still see it.

Foreign Visitors

We get many clients who ask, “I don’t live in the U.S. I am a foreign national. Should I worry about this arrest? What are the consequences of being arrested in the U.S. for solicitation of prostitution for a foreign national?”

If you live, let’s say, in Canada, France or the United Kingdom, your solicitation of prostitution charge will likely not prevent you from reentry to the United States. However, if one day you decide to apply to a permanent visa, there may be immigration consequences.

Record Sealing for
Solicitation of Prostitution

The right way to handle a solicitation of prostitution charge is to seal your criminal record.

If you were arrested in Nevada, a record sealing process should be originated in Nevada. You can begin the application process to seal a person’s soliciting charge as soon as the charge is dismissed.

Our law firm offers record sealing services. Read our article that explains record sealing process in Las Vegas and throughout Nevada.

How We Can Help

At Heshmati & Associates we handle solicitation of prostitution charges all the time. We have a high rate of success in dismissing this charge. Often, we can handle the entire case, form beginning to end, without the client having to fly back to Las Vegas. Majority of our clients are international tourists or out of state visitors.

We also provide record sealing services.

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