Understanding Casino Marker Charges in Las Vegas

What is a Casino Marker?

Casino Marker and Debt Collection in Las Vegas, Nevada, Casino Marker Lawyer Explains.

Las Vegas casinos give credit lines to their best customers to keep them gambling. These lines of credit are called casino markers, and often carry with them zero interest and other perks, all to encourage the customer to keep their money at that particular casino.

In most instances, the customer is expected to pay back the line of credit within 30 days.

Casino Markers = Bad Check

In Nevada casino markers are considered a bad check. Failing to pay back a casino marker in Nevada is a felony and carries with it 1 - 4 years in prison plus a fine up to $5,000.

The consequences of an unpaid marker can snowball once the casino hands your case to the district attorney office.

Often a casino marker lawyer can work out an arrangement to get the casino marker repaid and the charge dismissed.

If you have been accused of an unpaid casino marker in Las Vegas, you need help from a very experienced Las Vegas casino marker lawyer. How your case is handled is very important. Call Heshmati & Associates at 702-432-1000 to schedule your free case review.

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You Have 30 Days to Pay it Back

Generally, casinos attempt to collect the unpaid debt within 30 days. They send a letter via certified mail to the address on file and you have 10 days to respond.

If you fail to respond, the casinos then can turn the collection over to the Las Vegas district attorney office.

At this point the law allows the addition of 5% - 10% interest to the original amount owed.

Penalty for Unpaid Casino Markers

Unpaid Marker Amount Jail Time Fine
Under $650 6 months Fine up to $1,000
Over $650 1 - 4 years Fine up to $5,000

The process can move fast and the consequences may mean jail time even if the your casino debt is only $250.

Defenses for Casino Markers

Here are a few defense that could be used in a casino marker case:

  • Markers were forged
  • Markers have no date or casino name (invalid marker)
  • The casino intoxicated you with alcohol and you lost your judgment
  • At the time the casino marker was issued, the customer had enough assets to pay the marker back

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Casino Marker Lawyer Can Help

Not one criminal case is exactly the same and this article is by no means a substitute for any legal advise.

Heshmati & Associates lawyers helped many clients charged with a gambling debt. We encourage you to call us 702-432-1000 to speak with a casino marker lawyer directly on how to resolve your case.

Attorneys at Heshmati & Associates represent clients in Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas and throughout Nevada.

Payment plans are available.

Walk-ins are welcome.

Resources: Casino Markers (Gaming Debt)

Casino Markers - Nevada Statues - NRS.616D.300 - False statements or representations to obtain benefits; concealment of material fact to obtain benefits; penalty.

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