Co-Signing the Bail Bond in Las Vegas, Nevada

Who is a Co-Signer?

What the Co-Signer Needs to Know Before Signing a Bail Bond Agreement in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The co-signer is usually a friend or a family member who signs all paperwork required to have the defendant released from jail. The co-signer promises to ensure that the defendant will show up in court or will pay the full amount of the bond.

What Co-Signer Needs to Know

Bail bond law can be very complex. If you or somebody close to you is in jail and you are planning to co-sign the bond, there are a few important things that you need to know before becoming a bond co-signer.

• First, the accused will be released from custody.

• Second, the co-signer has the authority and duty to make sure the accused appears at all court hearings and meets any other bond requirements.

• Third, the co-signer can request stipulations before co-signing (e.g., a requirement that the accused attend a drug treatment program or undergo a mental health evaluation.)

• Forth, the co-signers use their own property (house, condominium, boat, car, savings) as a collateral.

• Fifth, the co-signers pay the fee to bail agent.

• Finally, if the defendant fails to show at the hearing at the appointed date and time, the defendant and co-signer will forfeit the items given as collateral.

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Bail Information

As a bond co-signer, you must provide the following information to the bail agent:

• Date when the defendant was arrested

• Which jail is the dependent in

• The amount of bail

• Does the defendant work

• Where the defendant lives and with whom

• What is the story behind the arrest

• What is your relationship with the defendant

Where the Co-Signer and Bail Agent Meet

People co-signing the bond usually meet at the bail agent's office, court house, or, most commonly, at the jail. The paperwork that requires signatures includes a bail bond agreement in which the cosigner acknowledges, that he or she is responsible for ensuring that the defendant shows in court, or they will pay the full amount of bail. The process of co-signing bond is fast. Usually, it requires a few signatures and the defendant is released from jail.

Keep in mind, the bail agents prefer to issue the low risk bonds. If they feel that the defendant is a "flight risk" or the co-signer is not reliable, they won't issue a bond.

Can Anyone Co-Sign the Bond?

No. To be a co-signer, the person must meet certain criteria: be a citizen of the United States, have lived in the same area for a predetermined period, have stable employment and have sufficient credit. Not everyone can co-sign bail bonds.

If the Defendant Skips Town

If the accused flees or refuses to go to court and the co-signer knows the defendant location, the co-signer can contact the bail bond company and let them know where the accused is. The police will pick up the accused and returned to jail.

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Surrendered Back into Custody

There are situations, when an indemnitor (co-signer) may have a reasonable suspicion, that the defender will not make scheduled court appearances. If it happens to you, you have the legal right to have that person surrendered back into custody by the bail company at any time.

There is a small fee associates with taking this action, but paying the fee is certainly better than the alternative - losing your house, your car, or a lifesaving in the event the bond forfeits the court.

Bond Forfeiture

A good bail bonds company will always take time explaining their clients what happens, if the defendant violates a condition of their bail.

First, a bench warrant is issued for their arrest. The bench warrant is issued directly from the court the moment the person misses court appearance date.

Next, if the charged person isn't found, the bond becomes forfeited.

A forfeited bond is the property of the court and it cannot be refunded. As a result, the co-signer is responsible for the full amount of the bond.

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